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  • Quick Answers Combo
    Quick Answers Combo

    Whether the argument is about evolution, history, or theology, every believer must be able to provide an answer for the hope that is within them. Get your answers fast with Bryan's DVD and info graphic style book. Order together and save!

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  • Heavens Declare: Our Amazing Solar System
    Heavens Declare: Our Amazing Solar System

    This fourth episode of The Heavens Declare explores the amazing solar system we live in, designed by God in just a few days.

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  • 2020 Calendar: Complexity of Creation
    2020 Calendar: Complexity of Creation

    Creation overflows with evidence that points toward the Creator God. The design and complexity of life loudly declare, “There is a God!” From the infinite logic of mathematics to the added beauty of the peacock’s tail, the complexity found in our universe could never have occurred by chance. Read more Evidence for Creation.

    Scripture verses in KJV at the bottom of each picture

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