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WRC - The Bankruptcy of Atheism

Eastern, Moralistic, and Humanistic Religions

Featuring Mark Spence
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  • Format: DVD
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.5"
  • Length: 58 minutes
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2018
  • SKU: 30-9-718
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:

Mark Spence will show you how atheists rely on faith, which will help you point them to their need for Jesus.


You may not think of atheism as a religion, but it truly is. It offers a way to think about the world that denies any type of supernatural intervention. While there are hard and soft atheists, the rejection of the Bible as a standard of authority is unanimous among them.

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Mark Spence

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