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Skills for Literary Analysis Set

Contributor Dr. James Stobaugh
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  • Format: Pack
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • Length: 556 pages
  • Ages: 12 through 14
  • Publisher: MasterBooks
  • Published: 216
  • SKU: 90-7-950
  • ISBN: 9780890517130
  • UPC:

Equip your 12 - 14 year old students to analyze literary genres through Skills for Literary Analysis! In this comprehensive study, students will learn how to analyze key elements of literature such as allegory, narrative, satire, plot, setting and more. Through classic literature, students will learn how to discern an author’s worldview and apply Biblical standards to their daily lives.


A Comprehensive Exploration of Classic Literature

Build your student’s vocabulary, grammar, writing, and speaking skills as they learn to analyze and critique literature in Skills for Literary Analysis! Through classic literary selections from Shakespeare to Jack London, Lewis Carrol to Longfellow, and Sir Walter Scott to C.S. Lewis, students will:

  • Discover how to analyze key elements of literature such as allegory, narrative, satire, plot, setting, and more

  • Build vocabulary by using new words in speeches and essays

  • Practice grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills

  • Learn to convey important ideas in both writing and speech

  • Analyze an author’s worldview through a discerning eye

  • and more!

  • Skills for Literary Analysis Set Includes:

    Teacher Guide

  • Worksheets

  • Weekly Essays/Tests

  • Optional Written Assignments & Answer Keys

  • Skills for Literary Analysis Student Text

  • Lessons

  • Chapter Learning Objectives

  • Concept Builders

  • Literary Excerpts

  • Course Features:

  • 1 hour per day, 5x per week

  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets

  • Recommended Ages: 12 - 14 year olds
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