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Sexuality Teaching & Testimony Pack

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  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
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Equip your family and church with these God honouring resources, to contend for the faith where the culture is attacking God's Word - on what does it mean to made in His image male & female and the attack on male and female sexual relationships.

What’s Included £36 value

  • Transgender Transition

    Are we male and female? Is gender on a spectrum? Can a man become a woman or a woman a man? What does God’s Word have to say about the gender revolution of our day? God knows all and His Word is not silent!

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  • Are People Born Gay?

    We need to lovingly show that, regardless of feelings, the choice to embrace any sexual lifestyle other than God’s design for marriage is sin, and as with any sin, the only hope for deliverance is the redeeming work of God’s grace offered through his Son Jesus Christ.

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  • God's Word on Gay "Marriage"

    In today’s secularized culture, it’s practically impossible to avoid being bombarded with the message that homosexual behavior is a normal and acceptable lifestyle. But what does the Bible say about gay marriage? How should a Christian respond to this issue?

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  • Homosexuality

    Filmed at the 2015 Answers for Women Conference, this program discusses practical help for those struggling with same-sex attraction. Free Discussion Guide included.

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  • The Homosexual War

    How should we discuss homosexuality at church? How do we respond to a child who “comes out”? How should we talk about gay people in the public realm? Join Todd Friel as he challenges all of us to reconsider how we should engage in the homosexual war that has been thrust upon us.

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The pack includes the folowing resources:-

  • Transgender Transition DVD 62 minutes by Dr. Owen Strachan
  • Are People Born Gay? DVD 60 minutes by Dr. Georgia Purdom
  • The Homosexual War DVD 49 minutes Todd Friel
  • Homosexuality - Finding Hope in the Gospel DVD 62 minutes Dr. Rosaria Butterfield
  • God's Word on "Gay Marriage" Booklet 40 pages by Ken Ham

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