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The Pilgrims Progress - animated film

based on John Bunyan's epic masterpiece

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  • Format: DVD
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.5"
  • Length: 114 minutes
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Revelation Media
  • Published: 2019
  • SKU: UK-21-08
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:

Based on John Bunyan’s epic masterpiece, The Pilgrim's Progress is one of the most popular books of all time, and one of the most important stories of our faith! Second to the Bible in total copies and translations, the story was written by John Bunyan a pastor, imprisoned for sharing his faith.

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This powerful allegory helps families understand the spiritual journey is the most important journey in life, as well as the importance of sticking to the path, even when the journey gets difficult.

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