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God's Promise To The Chinese

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  • Format: Softcover
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  • Length: 140 pages
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Read Books
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A fascinating book showing how the people who invented Chinese writing knew of the Creator-God of the Bible and the events of Creation, the Garden and the Fall. Chinese history dates back to the dispersion from the Tower of Babel.


Learn the history of the Chinese writing system as it pertains to the biblical record of Genesis.

This book confirms the idea that the ancient Chinese indeed incorporated an unusual knowledge of sacred history into their written language. Concentrating on the analysis of authenticated “oracle bone” characters, the authors believe this book confirms their proposed “hieroglyphic” interpretation of Chinese characters.

Most of the millions of people who use the Chinese characters writing system today do not know its ancient history.

Learn about ShangDi. The name means, literally, the “God Above,” or Most High God. From their earliest history, the Chinese worshipped ShangDi as Creator. For more than 4,000 years, the Chinese emperors annually sacrificed a bull to ShangDi. This sacrifice symbolized the coming Saviour. The inventors of the oracle bones system of writing, the original Chinese characters that were inscribed on tortoise shells and bones, knew and believed in an identical account of Creation and earth’s beginnings as found in the Hebrew Scriptures.


  1. Confucius Revealed the Clue
  2. Who Is ShangDi?
  3. In the Beginning—God
  4. Chinese Concepts of Mankind’s Creation
  5. Secrets of a Lost Garden
  6. Invader in the Garden
  7. The Fatal Bite
  8. A Costly Rescue Plan
  9. Confucius Pointed the Way
  10. The Seed of the Woman
  11. Original Purpose of the Altar of Heaven
  12. ShangDi’s Last Promise Synchronizing Chinese and Biblical History

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