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Evolution: The Grand Experiment Combo

Written by Dr. Carl Werner
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The combo includes a hardcover book and DVD.

What’s Included £32 value


The bundle includes a hardcover book and DVD.

For over 30 years, Dr. Carl Werner was involved in a personal journey, searching for the truth. He travelled the globe—visiting dig sites and museums, conducting interviews with leading experts, and more—all to answer a simple question: “Can you prove evolution?” His discovery, presented in a unique and compelling format, takes you through both sides of the issue, and then reveals the remarkable and unmistakable truth. The book has over 500 colour photos and helps us to understand the scientific principles behind the modern-day idea of evolution, learn the mystery of the fossils and what they really tell us and enables us to be a part of the fascinating journey of discovery stretching over multiple continents and three decades of research. The DVD includes many amazing admissions by evolutionist leaders and features active dig sites, universities and museums. An excellent resource for those who desire physical evidence.

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