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Evolution Exposed: Earth Science

Written by Roger Patterson
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In this follow-up to the best-selling Evolution Exposed: Biology, students will learn how to respectfully counter the evolutionary bias and indoctrination in astronomical and geological evolution.


Tens of millions of teens have been taught the lie that evolution is a fact. It’s not. In fact, the idea of evolution isn’t even a good theory. Unfortunately, even the teachers of today’s youth are unaware of the vast evidences against evolution, the evidences that support creation. You can change that—in your community, your church, your school—through this book and its companion book, Evolution Exposed: Biology. These two amazing books are excellent resources for biology and for earth science classes.  

The author encourages all who read this book to pray for courage for Christian students to challenge evolutionary ideas in their classrooms, and to pray for the men and women who are teaching tomorrows leaders, today.

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