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Evidence For The Bible

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Evidence for the Bible can be found in many places, from the Ancient Near East to museums and private collections. Whilst artifacts can never prove the authority of the Bible, the can show that the events described in the Bible occurred in time and history.


This beautifully produced book with over 200 full colour images, reveals some of the many discoveries that either authenticate or illustrate the biblical narrative.

The text is accurate, informative & assumes no prior knowledge of the world of archaeology. It follows the biblical record from Genesis to Revelation.

Timelines of the Ancient Near East empires, articles on specific thorny issues such as the Pharaoh of the Exodus & the census of Quirinius, an assessment of fallacies in the world of biblical archaeology & a detailed bibliography, all add to the value of this unique volume.

A burnt and broken wall embedded with arrows and sling stone tells of a city taken by storm. A scribbled message on a piece of pottery reveals the urgency of the hour. Palace inscriptions and clay tablets in a royal archive reflect a well organised central government. Inscribed silverware, jewellery and household items illustrate the domestic life of the inhabitants.

Archaeology throws dramatic light on the biblical record.

Evidence will surprise and inform you as you turn over the soil of history with the pages of your Bible. The witness of the trowel authenticates and illuminates the peoples and events, lifting them from the pages of the Book and setting them in the context of time and place. Join us on an exciting journey witrh this evidence from the past.

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