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Soar CD

Artist Buddy Davis
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  • Format: Audio CD
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  • Ages: All ages
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • SKU: 20-9-032
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A beautiful mix of songs for young people and adults alike. The title song, “Soar,” will lift your spirit, even in the darkest hours. Unforgettable, God-honoring music that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


This CD includes the “Top 20” Inspirational Country song, ‘The Bible is a Gold Mine’ which has received air play throughout the USA, including WSM Radio (the host of the Grand Ole’ Opry radio show) in Nashville, Tennessee.

CD details

Track list

  1. Soar
  2. They Threw Daniel in the Lion’s Den
  3. I Believe in the One Who Was There
  4. There’s No Doubt
  5. God Didn’t Make You to Watch You Lose
  6. Preach Like Dave, Sing Like John
  7. The Fountain of Youth
  8. The Bible is a Gold Mine
  9. It’s God
  10. Heaven’s as Pretty
  11. Samson’s Ticked
  12. I’d Like to Be What I Am Not
  13. Gus
  14. You’re My Praise

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