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Answers Family Bible Devotional Books 1-5

A faith-building walk through the Bible

Written by Mike Wild and Libby Wild
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  • Ages: 10 and up
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
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Books 1 to 5 of the faith-strengthening Answers Family Bible Devotionals take you on a chronological journey from Genesis to Revelation. Excellent for families or as a "read and discuss" study with a friend or neighbour.

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Answers Family Bible Devotional Series
This five-book series by Mike and Libby Wild will take you on a chronological journey from Genesis to Revelation.

You may know Mike and Libby from their sons’ popular DVD series, The Wild Brothers. Now, they can help you bring the exciting truth of God’s Word to life in a whole new way. Use these worldview-shaping “read and discuss” devotionals as part of a special family time—at the dinner table or to start or end each day. Our kids are our first disciples, and if we want them to thrive in a world that’s increasingly hostile to the gospel, they must know what they believe and why. In order for our children to stand firm on God’s Word, they must know and trust it for themselves.

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