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Answers Book for Kids Volume 1

Written by Ken Ham and Cindy Malott
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  • Ages: 5 through 11
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Answers are important and kids are never short of questions! Compiling the most difficult questions kids have regarding the Bible, this volume answers over 20 of them specifically on Creation and the Fall.


Finally—an answers book suitable for kids!

Kids are never short of questions—and now there are answers to some of their most difficult ones regarding the Bible and faith! The story of Creation and the Garden of Eden are familiar ones. But they also present a wonderful opportunity to share important biblical truths with eagerly questioning minds through answers that even the youngest believer can understand. In Volume 1, children get answers to the top 22 questions on Creation and the Fall.

The Answers Book for Kids series is a unique collection from Ken Ham and the creative team at Answers in Genesis.

Other books in the series include:

Volume 1’s questions

  1. When did time begin?
  2. How did God create everything from nothing?
  3. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
  4. Where is the Garden of Eden?
  5. Does Genesis 1:1–2 refer to the first day?
  6. When God created the earth, were the trees full grown or baby trees and if they were full grown did they have growth rings?
  7. Why did God make a week 7 days long?
  8. Why was the first person that God created a boy?
  9. Why did God let Adam name the animals? Why didn't He name them Himself?
  10. Did Adam give each of the animals the names we call them today?
  11. How long did it take Adam to name the animals?
  12. The serpent talked to Eve, so why can't snakes talk today?
  13. Why did God put the tree in the Garden of Eden if He didn't want Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from it?
  14. How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they sinned?
  15. If all that God created was good, how could Satan be bad?
  16. Who was Cain's wife? Why don't they mention her birth if she was Eve's baby?
  17. Did bumblebees have stingers before Adam and Eve sinned?
  18. When were the other planets created?
  19. If God created the world 6,000 years ago or so, why are stars millions of light years away?
  20. What is evolution?
  21. Why do evolutionists believe their beliefs and not Christ?
  22. Did God use the same design for humans as for monkeys?

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