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ABC Easter Lessons (ESV Lesson Set 2)

Topical Lessons

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Free Easter Sunday school lessons for six age levels, Pre-K through Adult! Download includes teacher guide along with posters, games, seasonal activities, activity sheets, and more!


Lesson Themes

Whether you’re currently using Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) or just looking for a seasonal lesson, our Easter lessons will help students focus on the real meaning and significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Students will be able to identify why Jesus suffered and died on the cross and why his resurrection is such an important part of the gospel. Most of all, they will see Jesus’ great love for them to take the punishment for sin and conquer death so they can have eternal life in heaven!

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Lessons 1A and 1B cover Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his crucifixion, and his resurrection in chronological fashion but may be used as standalone lessons, too. Lessons 2A and 2B are standalone topical lessons designed to equip students to share their faith with people of other religions and to recognize false theories used by skeptics to deny Jesus’ death and resurrection.

What’s Included?
Free Easter lessons are available in six age groups: Pre-K–1st, Grades 2–3, Grades 4–5, Middle School, High School, and Adult. They include downloads of the following components:

  • Teacher Guide with introduction, Bible lesson, application section, and prayer points
  • Justin & Jessie story, coloring sheets, and poster for Pre-K–Grade 3
  • Lesson Poster
  • Memory Verse Poster
  • Take-home sheets and class worksheets
  • Review game instructions and questions
  • Optional activities including games and crafts
  • PowerPoint slides for Grade 2–Adult

  • Lesson Set 2: Two Topical Lessons
    Lesson 2A: Sharing the Real Jesus
    Key Passages: Matthew 3 & 27; John 20; Ephesians 2; 1 Peter 2; 1 John 3 Students learn how to share who Jesus is, according to the Bible, with people of other religions, and the importance of belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection to have eternal life.

    Lesson 2B: Discerning the Truth
    Key Passages: Matthew 28; John 19; Acts 2 & 9 Although skeptics have come up with theories to try to explain or deny Jesus’ death and resurrection, students use the scriptures to learn why these theories are false.

    About ABC
    Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition has been expanded and updated from the 1st Edition with even more amazing lessons from both the Old and New Testaments! The entire curriculum is now 200 faith-building lessons designed to take students on a chronological journey through the Bible in four years. Lessons are grouped into units of 10 lessons each so you have the flexibility to start or pause whenever you want.

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