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Nothing But the Truth

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Nothing But the Truth

This is our favorite “layman’s” apologetics book for the truth and authority of the Bible! None that we are aware of is easier to read and understand.



British Classic!

This is our favorite “layman’s” apologetics book for the truth and authority of the Bible! None that we are aware of is easier to read and understand.

You’ll learn answers to perplexing questions such as:

  • How do we know the Bible is true?
  • What about supposed errors and contradictions in the Bible?
  • What are some of the apologetic arguments to help confirm the authority of the Bible?
  • What about archaeological evidences?
  • What is the canon of Scripture, and how do we know that the Bible we have today is the correct compilation of writings?
  • What is “hermeneutics” and why is it important?
  • What is the story of the English Bible?


British author Brian H. Edwards answers critics and refutes supposed contradictions, clearly showing that it is perfectly logical to believe the Bible. This book will give any reader added confidence in God’s Word!

Why do Christians believe the Bible to be the Word of God? Is the Bible infallible and inerrant? Read this book and find out. Written in normal well-written English, (not that used by academia to make simple things sound important) easy to understand, non-repetitious and chock full of great information. Not only is it Biblically solid it's spiritually affirming. One may think a book like this would be dry but this one is not. I'm reading this book for the second time, wishing I could memorize every word. From those I've read I can say there's no better book on the subject. Not only will reading this book help you grow in your faith in Christ it will also equip you in defending the Gospel. It's a must-read for everyone who claims to follow Jesus Christ.

The following list is the table of contents. I thought it may be helpful to know what's in the book.

1. Whatever happened to the Bible? - A short history of the critics
2. How God makes himself known - Revelation and the Bible
3. The master plan - Many books, one story
4. Telling the future - The remarkable fact of prophecy
5. Authentic authority - The sound of truth
6. Inspiration and inerrancy - A book without error
7. Jesus and his Bible - Learning from the Master
8. The apostles and their Bible - Learning from the Master's men
9. Sufficient and final - Is the Bible enough?
10. The first thirty-nine books - The canon of the Old Testament
11. The final twenty-seven books - The canon of the New Testament
12. Completing the jigsaw - Introducing textual criticism
13. From Vulgate to vulgar - The story of our English Bible
14. How to understand the Bible - Hermeneutics, a key to treasure
15. Sense as well as faith - The accuracy of the Bible
16. Durable rubbish - Archaeology and the Bible
17. Supposed errors and contradictions - Are they real?
18. Sorting the pieces - Solving apparent errors and contradictions
19. Blowflies, a lion and the evangelical!
Postscript - The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

5 Stars

S. Taylor

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author(s) Brian Edwards
Length 512 Pages
Ages 14+
Format Paperback Book
Published First Published 1978, Fully revised, updated and now in its Fourth Edition
Publisher Evangelical Press