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Creation Basics

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What can God's creation tell me about its Creator? If the things scientists write oppose what the bible says, whom do I believe and why? Why is the world so perfectly fit for life but at the same time full of imperfections? All these questions and more are answered in this colorful examination of creation basics!


Why should we study God’s creation? In short, it’s because that investigation will help answer some of our most significant questions about life, the world, its origin, its purpose, and ultimately why we are here.

This comprehensive guide, authored by creationist scientists and scholars, is loaded with hundreds of full-color illustrations — the one book you need to teach creation!

Topics include:

  • the Flood
  • the fossil record
  • Mount St. Helens
  • carbon dating
  • problems with the "big bang"
  • recent creation of the universe
  • life's all-or-nothing design
  • dinosaurs in Scripture
  • myths and fallacies
  • Genesis and the curse
  • design and order in creation
  • the uniqueness of humans.
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Title Creation Basics
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Author(s) ICR
Length 120 Pages
Ages 10+
Format Hardback Book
Published 2013
Publisher ICR

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